AirPods Pro unveiled by Apple

Image of the AirPods Pro

Apple announced the new AirPods Pro in a press release on October 28th. The AirPods Pro feature a new design and active noise cancelling.  They will be available starting October 30th and retail for $249.

Noise cancelling

The AirPods Pro improve on the second generation AirPods, which released just earlier this year, by adding some very welcomed features. The most exciting feature is the addition of active noise cancelling. Other true wireless earphones, such as Sony’s WF-1000XM3 have had active noise cancelling some quite some time now. With the addition of noise cancelling comes Transparency mode. This mode will stop the noise cancelling, allowing you to hear the world around you.

Image of the AirPods Pro showing the new design.

New design

The new AirPods Pro has all new design. In order to get a tight seal necessary for excellent noise cancelling, Apple has changed the iconic design of the AirPods. They are now a tad bit shorter and include silicone earbud tips.

Image showing the AirPods Pro internals

Other features

Apple’s latest wireless earphones include a few less exciting features including, wireless charging, the H1 chip, sweat and water resistance, and force sensor controls. They only thing new here is the force sensor controls and sweat/water resistance. Wireless charging and the H1 chip were showcased by the second generation AirPods that released in back in March. The AirPods Pro has a leg up on the competition with an IPX4 rating. Exercising in these won’t be an issue unlike offerings from other companies. Apple also ditches the tap controls featured on the older AirPods models. A force sensor is used to control music, Transparency mode, and phone calls.

The AirPods Pro are the upgrade we wanted with the second generation AirPods that released earlier this year. Once we get our hands on a pair, we’ll be comparing them to the Sony WF-1000XM3, so stay tuned.

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