Battlefield V’s War in the Pacific trailer released

battlefield V War in the Pacific
Get ready for swords and flamethrowers!

Battlefield V just dropped the upcoming expansion War in the Pacific this morning. This new DLC gives us an opportunity to experience the bloody battles between the Allies and Japan in the brutal Pacific theater. Two new factions will be playable once this drops, the U.S. Amered Forces and the Imperial Japanese Army. And guess what my favorite part is? Wrong, it’s swords. The Japanese will have swords, and from the trailer, it looks like some brutal executions are in store for your gorey gaming pleasure.

War in the Pacific updates your arsenal

Also included in this update are two redesigned maps that’ve been glazed in Battlefield V goodness, Iwo Jima and Wake Island. Also, the new Pacific Storm map will remind Battlefield 4 players a lot of Paracel, because EA says they’ve paid a bit of homage to the fan-favorite map. However, you’ll have to wait a bit to get your hands on Wake Island as it’s not dropping until sometime in December 2019.

New weapons are coming to the Battlefield word, too, including the highly-anticipated M1 Garand. War in the Pacific also delivers us three new weapons for the Recon, Medic, and Support classes. Those are the Type 99 Arisaka bolt-action rifle (Recon), the Type 100 SMG (Medic), and finally the M1919 A6 MMG (Support). More guns will unlock via as the Tides of War continue, including the M3 Grease Gun, Nambu Type 2A, Type 97 LMG, and M1918 A2. Then, you can gain the Jungle Carbine as a Chapter Reward, as well as the Type 94 and Model 27 sidearms. Lastly, you’ll get a new Assault class gadget, the tank-destroying Lunge Mine.

Two new Battle Pickups will include katanas and the M2 flamethrower available to both factions. You’ll be able to fight the enemies in style with a plethora of new vehicles, including the LVT and Ka-Mi Light Amphibious Tanks, the MB Jeep and Type 95 car, and the F4U Corsair and Japanese Zero Fighter.

Players will also be able to launch reinforcements like the JB-2 Rocket, Supply Drop, and Sector Artillery.

Free Battlefield V Weekend #3: Grand Operations

There’s a lot to unpack from Battlefield V’s War in the Pacific. Get out there and play for free this weekend, too, as we enter Free Weekend #3: Grand Operations.

OCT 24 – OCT 27 Weekend 3: Grand Operations

Take on a high-flying experience with Airborne, kicking off the multi-mode Grand Operations. Spearhead an upcoming invasion on the maps Twisted SteelNarvikHamadaRotterdam, and Panzerstorm. This weekend comes with a very special challenge for all of the community. Complete it together and earn the anti-aircraft Fliegerfaust gadget.

Get ready to storm the Pacific on October 31, 2019.

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