Broken Lines announced for February 2020

broken lines tactics rpg

Tales from the Void developer PortaPlay, in publishing partnership with has just announced the release of Broken Lines. The game will release Q1 2020 release on both the Switch and PC. On the official website, there are also logo place holders for Xbox One and Playstation 4, although there’s no official word on when those will release.

What is Broken Lines?

broken lines character screen

Broken Lines is an alternate-history WWII tactics RPG. The game features a narrative-driven tactics game where soldiers end up behind enemy lines after a devastating plane crash. The enemies you’ll face are both mysterious military units as well as the soldiers’ own hopes and fears. You’ll confront both the horrors of war as you and your team attempt to trek back to friendly territory.

Gameplay features

The game will feature “breathtaking military drama”. From the developer’s site, this means, “A dramatic saga about ordinary soldiers in a life-changing situation torn between their beliefs, duty and desire to survive at any cost.” Being a tactical RPG, players will have to plan the moves of each squad member, then execute all of the moves simultaneously in real-time. The game will also feature “fast-paced, intense” missions. Graphics paint the picture of a dark, war-torn world in which players will have to do anything possible to survive the impending battles.

Broken Lines developer comments

“We believe traditional turn-based strategy gamers will tremendously enjoy Broken Lines, and there’s plenty to love for those that crave a rich story-driven experience and a look at the impact that war has on the human psyche.”

Hans von Knut Skovfoged, Creative Director at PortaPlay , 2019

When does Broken Lines release?

The game will release in February 2020 on Switch and PC via Steam and GOG. There’s still no official word yet on the release date for Playstation 4 and Xbox One.


  • broken lines weapon screen
  • broken lines tactics rpg
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