CouRageJD leaving Twitch for YouTube

CouRageJD leaving Twitch for YouTube

It’s not looking good for Twitch as the streaming platform loses yet another major streamer, this time CouRageJD. The Fortnite slayer announced today, November 4, 2019, at 3:00 pm after much anticipation and buildup that he was departing Amazon’s streaming platform to begin streaming exclusively on YouTube.

CouRage is hooking up with YouTube

Jack “CouRage” Dunlop, a content creator for 100 Thieves, is leaving Twitch and bringing the above experiences with him. In the announcement video—in my opinion, the flashiest and most entertaining we’ve seen thus far from any of the ex-Twitchers—Jack explains that he’s trying to grow as an entertainer, make better content, and probably learn how to cook.

And while he used way more olive oil than any human ever should, the video came to a dramatic climax as a mariachi band played his celebratory YouTube jacketing. He was promptly slapped by Valkyrae and Nadeshot himself.

While there’s obviously no true bad blood resulting from this hilarious departure video, 100 Thieves should be celebrating as CouRageJD is one of their biggest content creators. This makes the first major creator from 100 Thieves to ditch Twitch and switch to another streaming platform.

CouRage is the latest major star to leave Twitch

This move follows shortly after Ninja, Shroud, and King Gathalion’s Twitch exits. Should we now call it Twexit? I’m going to coin that term right now.

While Ninja, Shroud, and King Gathalion all left Twitch for Mixer, CouRage is taking another route. This should be an easy transition for him, though, as his presence on YouTube is already enormous.

What’s happening at Twitch?

With all of these streamers leaving the platform, it’s a wonder exactly why everyone’s suddenly leaving. Is there something else going on that us non-major streamers may not know about? Are people realizing that Twitch may not be the best platform for them? Or is it merely a move to ride the hype surrounding the other streamers who are leaving?

That’s all unclear at the moment. But the burning question of the hour is: who’s leaving Twitch next?

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