Finalmouse new mouse and Aim God competition


Finalmouse is a household name in the gaming community and has a reputation of being a little out there on social media. Despite the very different PR approach, they make a great mouse. As a result, high profile streamers use them daily. Last I heard, Finalmouse had finished with gaming mice and moved on to shoes. Now through their Twitter account Finalmouse claim to have made a 30-gram wireless mouse that boasts an impressive 100-hour battery life. Can this be comparable to the G502 Lightspeed?

A gamechanger for wireless mice?

A Finalmouse I cant buy?

Hot on the heels of this announcement, Finalmouse stated ” But we aren’t going to sell it. It’s going to be given to certain ranked players in aim gods”. If you asked yourself what the hell is Aim God, don’t worry you’re not alone, because I didn’t exactly know either.

Aim God aim trainer?

From Twitter it almost seems like Aim God is going to be an aim trainer and competition all in one. Finalmouse tweeted, in the future Aim God players will be signed to gaming organizations, for game skill alone. Finalmouse compared their new game to athletes in physical sports also claiming it would become an eSport watched by millions. Their last mouse the Cape Town sold out in a few hours. Finalmouse stated this was the last mouse they were ever selling and is still sold out on the official website.

The last mouse Finalmouse sold
The Cape Town the last mouse Finalmouse sold.

The competition

From what I gather the only way to grab this mouse is to compete and be at the top in Aim God. The only time frame we have on the release is 2020. Finalmouse stated, ” If you are a pro that wants early access to test AIM GODS email chad@finalmouse.com”. Most importantly without seeing the mouse or new game I’m left to wonder, will Aim God deliver on these statements? Above all, I’m excited to get sweaty on this new game, and maybe snag me a great mouse.

Coty Billy
Coty likes to hit the gym a minimum of 6 days a week to get strong enough to carry his team in Rainbow Six Siege. He also loves Chipotle, rock climbing, and reworking wires to watch them make sparks.

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