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Casion Tournament of Champions DS-DOS game now available on’s massive internet database has once again captured a piece of history. They’ve officially added over 2,500 MS-DOS games, an older operating system from the dark ages of modern PCs. The first DOS game I ever played was Redneck Rampage, based on a modded Duke Nukem world. This was one of my favorite old-school FPS. To beat a level, your character—Leonard—has to smack your partner—Bubba—in the face with a crowbar. You could even install a “Cuss Pack” which added tons of vulgar language to the game. has many different consoles

If we navigate to the homepage, we’re greeted with a little floppy disc icon. For those that may not remember, these were the de facto storage medium of old-school computers. It’s incredible how much information you could fit into these things. Packs of them were always a pleasure to open, and you could write your own names on them—these were the cassette tapes of the PC.

Now when you click that icon, you’re presented with 2 options:

Internet Arcade, which has a collection of arcade games from the 70s to 90s, and Console Living Room, which has an eye-watering amount of vintage consoles. There are over 500 playable games for the Sega Genesis, for example. All of these games can be played directly from your browser. I used Google Chrome and had absolutely no issues playing games. Controls can be a bit finicky as they’re routed to your keyboard by default, but some quick exploring and you should be able to figure it out.

And for all of you Grand Theft Auto fans out there, check out the original GTA from the Playstation, the game that started it all. Fun fact: The original cover art for Grand Theft Auto had the “Parental Advisory” logo on it. Neat, huh?

What is MS-DOS?

MS-DOS was an old school operating system starting back in the early 80s. Now it’s pretty much non-existent except in emulation. It’s the operating system that made your boy Bill Gates one of the richest men in history. Some of you youngsters may not remember this incredible era in computers, but if you like games, this is probably the best history lesson I can think of.

What’s my favorite DOS game, you ask? The Hugo series, of course.

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