Beyond the Game

Introducing our new ‘Culture’ section, Beyond the Game

Beyond the Game explores video game culture outside of the game.

I want you to fully understand what it means. Beyond the Game. It’s more than just a cutesy name, it’s more than clever wording, and it’s most definitely more than what may meet the eye.

Take a look in the mirror, for even just a single, solitary moment, and you’ll see someone who’s been crafted ever-so delicately by life’s experiences. Often times, though, that molding is done in harsher ways. Through all of our experiences in the gaming community, no matter how bright or how dark, we’d like to invite you to experience a small slice of video game culture we’ve named Beyond the Game.

What is Beyond the Game?

In Beyond the Game, we’ll peer into the hearts and minds of many different people. Some gamers create content, some live out their favorite games through cosplay. Other gamers create art for their communities, and some battle depression, addiction, and body dysmorphia. All of them, however, have a story to tell. Our goal and hope is that we’re able to successfully capture those moments and tell stories that often go unspoken.

Video games can affect each one of us in drastically different ways. They can inspire us to create new experiences, enriching the lives of those that interact with our medium of choice. They’re able to invoke potential in us we’ve never deemed possible. However, sometimes video games can crush and destroy us, both in the game and in real life. In the last few years, we’re finally starting to have a paradigm shift that allows us to have that conversation.

Interviewees are allowed to be as flamboyant as they want or can remain an anonymous figure. All that matters, truly, is that we can in some small way allow gamers everywhere to tell the world a bit about their unique version of the ultimate game we all play—life.

Your story is our goal

At High Ping Gaming, our goal is to establish ourselves as a major player in the gaming journalism space. We’ll do this by delivering incredible writing, fantastic points-of-view, all with a dose of the writer’s opinion and a touch of humor.

“Interesting stories surrounding video games and its culture.”

This is the value proposition we will strive to achieve with each story, whether it’s a news piece or an in-depth story about a major event in video games or a cultural event surrounding it.

Estevan Zamora
An entrepreneur, photographer, and writer. He likes capturing beautiful images, scrubbing it up in various competitive FPS games, and browsing reddit like it's about to shut down.

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