Jamestown+ releases on Switch, PC December 2019


Jamestown+ gets an official release date for the PC and Switch versions of the critically-acclaimed co-op top-down bullet hell shooter. The original game, Jamestown, was released back in 2011 from the three-man development team Final Form Games. The developers take their inspiration from cooperative games such as Left 4 Dead and Rock Band. The game features an excellent 1-4 player co-op ability that allows players to pair up with their friends and tackle the never-ending storm of gunfire. Jamestown has won numerous awards including “PC Game of the Year” from Co-Optimus.

What is Jamestown+?

Jamestown+ is the newly updated version of the award-winning fan-favorite ‘bullet heaven’ co-op game. The game takes place on a 17th-Century British Colonial Mars. It combines classic arcade-style gameplay with modern design influences. The game features beginner-friendly gameplay but can also accommodate up to four players at the hardest difficulties. The soon to release Jamestown+ includes:

  • New ships with new attacks and customizable weapon systems
  • New levels including the mysterious moons Phobos and Deimos
  • A new chapter to the original story of Jamestown that “spans space and time, adds new dimension to established characters and locations and finishes what the original game started.
  • A ground-up remastered soundtrack from celebrated composer Francisco Cerda

Playstation 4 owners of the game need not fear, though, as the plus update will come to them for free.

When does Jamestown+ release for Switch and PC?

Jamesown+ arrives on the Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam on December 12, 2019. Watch below for a preview trailer of the Switch version. We have also included some sample screenshots of Switch gameplay in a gallery below.

This is definitely one to play if you’re into the bullet hell genre of video games. Grab a friend (or three) and prepare to revisit this epic shooter again when the ‘plus’ update drops on December 12, 2019.

  • Jamestown+ announced for Switch and PC December 12, 2019
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