Mike Ybarra moves on from Microsoft after 20 years

mike ybarra microsoft xbox live mixer game pass
Corporate vice pressident of Xbox Live, Game Pass, and Mixer.

Mike Ybarra tweeted on 10/9/2019 that he’d be departing from Microsoft after a 20-year-long career. This was reported by Gamasutra yesterday afternoon.

Mike Ybarra bids farewell to Microsoft after 20 years on his Twitter account.

An accomplished man

It seems like Mike has new, exciting opportunities on the horizon. “After 20 years at Microsoft, it’s time for my next adventure.” No one knows for sure where he’s going or what he’ll be doing because he’s yet to reveal his future plans.

Mike Ybarra’s career at Microsoft was filled with many great accomplishments. Most recently, he worked as a manager and corporate vice president of various Xbox teams, including Xbox Live, Mixer, and Game Pass.

What’s next?

Now, I don’t want to get the rumor mill started. Could Mike Ybarra he be leaving to work at Probably Monsters? Probably Monsters is a new game studio incubator —which helps quickly scale fledgling companies — and was founded by former Bungie CEO Harold Ryan. He’s the guy responsible for Halo, Destiny, Age of Empires, and MechWarrior. VentureBeat just reported that Probably Monsters has raised $18.8 million USD for two new AAA game studios.

This coincides with the recent departure of studio chairman Shawn Layden of SIE — Sony Interactive Entertainment — after 30 years. Then, SIE Japan Asia president Atusushi Morita retires the next day.

These are two hard-hitting blows for Sony because of Shawn and Atusushi’s tenure. Nevertheless, it seems like some huge changes are about to shake up the video game industry as we head into 2020. When companies raise that sort of money, it really begs the question: What are they working on now? I’m incredibly excited to see what sort of games ultimately come from these moves.

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