Mixer Co-founder Matt Salsamendi Leaving Microsoft


Matt Salsamendi, the co-founder of Mixer, is leaving Microsoft, he announced over Twitter. Mixer’s other co-founder, James Boehm, announced his departure last week. Could this be due to the recent arrival of high-profile streamers or perhaps Mixer’s new channel restriction policy?

In Salsamendi’s Twitter post, he shares a story about the beginnings of Mixer and what’s next for him. Salsamendi says in his statement, “I’m ready to try something a little different – lasers!” Salsamendi shares with us that he’s always dreamed of being in charge of lighting at EDM shows. Maybe we’ll see the next big thing for lasers from Salsamendi. We’ll keep our eyes peeled!

Both co-founders are leaving Microsoft

James Boehm, another co-founder of Mixer, has also departed from Microsoft just earlier this month. Boehm chose to announce his departure in a more casual way through a thread of tweets filled with emojis. What’s next in store for Boehm? He tells us that he’s been appointed to the board of GamerGoo. Not knowing what GamerGoo was, I learned it’s an anti-sweat solution targeted for sweaty gamer hands. This is a drastic change from his position at Microsoft. James states that he plans to stay strongly connected to the gaming community.

What’s next for Microsoft?

Mike Ybarra recently left Microsoft too, after 20 years in various roles working with Xbox. You can read about that story here. A lot of big changes are happening at Microsoft lately. With the corporate VP and both of the originating founders of Mixer gone, I wonder if any other key figures will be leaving Microsoft soon?

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