Moons of Madness: A terrifying mind-bender on Mars


Moons of Madness is a first-person horror game set on a Mars research station. This psychological masterpiece was released on Steam today for PC. Any fan of Alien Isolation or Call of Cthulhu will absolutely love this game. You play as Shane Newehart, a low-level engineer tasked with keeping the station lights on until the relief team arrives.

Mars research station
Routine maintenance on a beautifully dusty Mars

Is there more to this mission than meets the eye?

A mysterious signal being transmitted from the planet is the true reason for being on this dusty world. Multiple Orochi scientists and researchers determined the signal was intelligent in origin and decided to check it out. Orochi decided this information was too risky for public knowledge and built the Trailblazer Alpha research station in secret. As you go about your daily chores and checklists, strange things keep happening. Crucial operating systems are malfunctioning and weird mist is filling different parts of the station. Not only that but wasn’t the rest of your team due back from an EVA mission four hours ago?

The mist…

Was that a shadow? No, couldn’t be I’m the only one here. RIGHT?

Soon, it’s not just the controls and machine malfunctioning, it might be your head as well. Maybe it’s the stress of your team not returning or something to do with the mist. You just need to get a grip, there’s no one else here. Wait, was that a tentacle? Now you know something is seriously wrong. There’s something at this base with you and I don’t think it’s human. Can you survive until the relief team shows up?

Moons Of Madness' monster
Cthulu would like a word with you

Are you brave enough?

Moons Of Madness seems like a mix between Dead Space and Alien Isolation. This space terror game is perfect for any adrenaline junkie. Multiple game outlets are saying, “It’s one of the scariest looking games we’ve ever seen,” and I have to say I don’t doubt them. It’s available on Steam right now but doesn’t release on Xbox and Ps4 until January 21, 2020.

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