Nioh 2 release date, trailer, and open beta revealed

Nioh 2 release trailer

Sony just released the upcoming trailer for the critically acclaimed Nioh’s sequel, Nioh 2. The video was launched on the official Sony YouTube on October 30, 2019. It features a lot of gorgeously gruesome hack-n-slash gameplay that you’ve come to know and love—more so expect—from the series. There also seems to be a new transformation ability as our protagonist transforms into some sort of Japanese demon.

Nioh 2 looks as action-packed and brutal as ever. The main character also seems to be able to transform now.

What is Nioh?

Nioh is an action-RPG for the Playstation 4 and PC where you play as William, an Irishman who arrives in Japan searching for an enemy. The setting of the game is a dark fantasy version of the late Sengoku period. In this game, you must fight your way through the Souls-like experience, deemed by some as “Masocore”, meaning a game with tough and frustrating mechanics that is brutally difficult.

Typical characteristics of these types of games are infrequent save points, enemies that can kill you with a single blow, and ultimately relying on players to take a trial and error approach to completion. This is truly Nioh in a nutshell. The game features lots of weapons like swords and spears unique to the time period. Players also have to master the complex combat system of stances (low, mid, high) along with blocking, parrying, and dodging.

Nioh 2 screengrab from release trailer hints at demon transformation ability.

When does the Nioh 2 beta start?

The Nioh 2 beta will begin on November 1, 2019 and run through November 10, 2019 on the Playstation 4. There’s no report if the beta will also be available for PC or not. As with the first beta, and all betas for that matter, the gameplay should be a clear representation of what to expect from the game’s final release. However, all developers will tell you that things can very well change upon the final game release.

When will Nioh 2 release?

The Nioh 2 release date has been confirmed for March 13, 2020. It’ll be available on Playstation 4. There’s also no word on if or when this may be released to PC players eager to destroy some more yokai.

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