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Operation Ember Rise erupted onto live servers September 11, 2019 after much anticipation from its loyal fan base and players, me being one of the. New operators are always exciting especially if you’re tired of the same old characters. As soon as the live servers went up I opened Siege and immediately went into ranked. Now with more than a month of playing, winning and occasionally raging, here’s my take on the new shooters.

An image of Amaru the new attacker from Operation Ember Rise.
Amaru the Attacker

Newest Attacker – Amaru

Amaru is a Peruvian art guardian and is quite good at her job protecting her homeland’s valuable artifacts. But how will she stack up against the sweatiest Siege lobbys?

My first game was Cafe Dostoyevsky, a map I know like the back of my hand. Usually the enemy team picks the third site to defend first. Knowing that there’s a skylight on the third floor, it’s a perfect opportunity to use Amaru. Round 1 starts, I load in, and immediately lock Amaru not having any idea on how she works or the best way to utilize her abilities. I pull out my grapple gun and sprint towards the cafe. My eagerness to try and rush the roof made me forget to look at the ground level windows. Almost every game a spawn-peeker is trying their hardest to get an easy kill. Luck however happened to be on my side. Aiming my grapple at the roof line I, launch before some of my teammates even leave spawn.

After landing on the roof, I hauled ass to the skylight aimed down sight, and got three kills upon aiming in. I was ecstatic. I thought “oh wow, this operator is going to be fun”. Unfortunately I realized the enemy team, being shot to pieces early on in the round, were quick learners. Any time I tried to rush and enter the building, bullets flew at me in every direction. Amaru was virtually useless from that point forward. All in all I found she’s still a fun character but best utilized early in the game and most likely only once.

Newest Defender – Goyo

Goyo is a much different animal than Amaru, both in play style and required skill. While Amaru almost feels like a once a match operator, Goyo brings a very unique way of holding objectives to the table.

Any Siege player worth their salt knows a good deployable shield can make or break a hard hold bomb site. Mix that with explosives and Goyo can be a one man barricade blocking all players in his path. While Goyo is very good at what he does, his own explosion hurts not only enemies, but also himself, and even teammates. Holding down a site is, and always will be, a team effort. Having clear communication with your team on where to deploy the shield insures a swift victory, even among grizzled enemy players.

With Goyo, we see the return of the Vector. This is a gun favored and used by another operator, Mira, another solid choice for defending. Coupled with the explosive shield, the Vector gives a skilled player everything they need to guarantee no one on the other team sets foot on his turf.

I’m sure as the season progresses, and more players spend time on the new operators, new styles and strats will be utilized between the two of them. As it stands, Amaru is a fun albeit seldom used operator while Goyo, on the other hand, will be used almost every defensive round by either myself or a teammate throughout the Operation Ember Rise season.

Coty Billy
Coty likes to hit the gym a minimum of 6 days a week to get strong enough to carry his team in Rainbow Six Siege. He also loves Chipotle, rock climbing, and reworking wires to watch them make sparks.

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