Overwatch 2 to be announced at Blizzcon?


The biggest question is this real?

Overwatch is an insanely popular character-based shooter that specializes in objective-based matches. The game launched in 2016 and changed the eSports scene as we know it. Call of Duty even seems to be following the footsteps of Overwatch League with their own COD League. Lately, content creators and players alike have had their doubts about the direction of the game.

This is the original leakers Twitter

A confidential informant leaked Overwatch 2 information

A Twitter user by the handle of Metro_OW posted the leak and swears the inside information is good. It’s usually very hard to take a stranger over the internet at their word. However, this same user leaked information about the then nonexistent hero Ashe twelve whole months before she even came out. Not only were they right about her coming into the game, but they got every detail down to her abilities spot on. With that kind of insight, it’s kinda hard to believe it’s a hoax. Though we here at High Ping Gaming are always skeptical about unconfirmed leaks. Could this have been leaked on purpose to build excitement and maybe take the spotlight off of Riot Games’ newest shooter, Project A?

PvE and PVP with a new character leveling system?

Overwatch has cemented itself as a PVP game with strong team mechanics but is that all going to change? Metro seems to think so. The game has always had excellent backstory and cinematic. It seems like Overwatch 2 might just deliver on an actual playable story. But how will that affect PVE? A character level system has been mentioned, but what does that mean for gameplay? Will I have to get to level 20 before I can use Genji’s deflect, or is there a whole new host of abilities?

Rebuilding reputations and expectations?

Blizzard has definitely been under media scrutiny with the whole Hearthstone debacle, with even state representatives writing letters directly to Blizzard. With the state of Overwatch now, a new game might be what it needs. As it stands now, there’s been an influx of cheaters and not much done about it. And from first-hand experience, it seems like the bullet-to-shield ratio is pretty lopsided. Hopefully, this new game will have a little bit more community input, but then again, that’s only if the leak is confirmed.

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