Overwatch’s Halloween Terror 2019


Return of Halloween Terror

With Halloween just around the corner, Overwatch has brought back the Halloween Terror event. My favorite thing about Halloween is candy, costumes, and fun times with friends. While Overwatch isn’t handing out any candy, they have new character skins aplenty. While Halloween events aren’t anything new in gaming, Overwatch always seems to do it big. Other game titles release seasonally themed events, like Destiny 2’s Festival Of The Lost, and Apex’s Fight Or Fright event.

Pharoah Halloween Terror skin

Gorgons, vampires, and warlocks oh my

With this event, we see the return of many a fan favorite and some new skins that are anything but dull. We also see the return of Junkensteins’s revenge, a co-op game mode that pits you against waves of enemies. There are three difficulties, “Easy”, “Normal”, and “Hard”. As you play every wave gets harder and if all four characters die you lose. It’s a fun game mode to play with friends, and maybe take a break from the sweatfest that is ranked Overwatch.

Halloween Terror Demon Orisa skin
Demon Orisa

Weekly challenges and loot boxes

As always with Halloween Terror, the only way to get some skins is loot boxes. Loot boxes are earned while playing Overwatch or bought with currency. However, some skins are only unlocked through weekly challenges. There will be three weekly challenges total but they don’t really vary in difficulty. Basically, win nine games every week and you complete all the challenges. Be sure to beat those challenges as they are the only way to unlock some skins. The new skins, emotes, and intros are listed below.

  • Orisa – Demon skin
  • Ana – Pharoah skin
  • Widowmaker – Scorpion skin
  • Ashe – Warlock skin
  • Tracer – Will-O’-Wisp skin
  • Lucio – Gorgon skin
  • Junkrat – Inferno skin
  • Baptiste – Vampire skin
  • Zenyatta – Stretch emote
  • Ashe – Scream Queen intro
  • McCree – Undertaker intro
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