Project A: Riot’s new character-based tactical shooter

Project A's lethal characters

Is Project A a new FPS titan?

League of Legends just celebrated its 10-year anniversary, and Riot Games announced they’re diving into the world of competitive, team-based shooters. Anna Donlon is the executive producer behind “Project A”, a character-based tactical shooter. When I hear the word “tactical”, I automatically think Rainbow 6 Siege or CSGO. Add in character-based abilities to the mix and my mind jumps to Overwatch. While those games all have huge audiences, the best thing for any game is competition.

Project A character using abilities
Sweet looking abilities

What we know so far…

Riot Games has kept the Project A relatively quiet and not much has been leaked. Anna the executive producer says, “It’s competitive, has precise gunplay, it’s set on a beautiful near-future Earth, and has a lethal cast of characters.” While watching the gameplay reveal, it definitely has a CSGO vibe to the mechanics. From what we’ve seen the main differences between the two are abilities and graphics. The graphics take a more animated approach versus trying to be more realistic, which honestly gets quite dull over time.

Project A ability usage
Ability used to sneak up and beat an enemy

Stable servers and better cheat detection

Project A seems to be taking servers and cheat detection seriously. Obviously we won’t be able to completely tell until the beta release or some other way to play emerges. It’d be insanely refreshing to see a game take cheating more seriously. As an R6 Siege player, I run into a cheater almost once a day. While on Overwatch, some popular streamers are refusing to play because of queuing into so many cheaters. Desync or late hit detection has plagued online gaming since the beginning of online shooters. It’ll be interesting to see Project A’s approach to making connections equal and fair. Unfortunately, that’s all we know about this game, and while I do expect some things to leak over time, you can expect the next round of news to come out in 2020.

Coty Billy
Coty likes to hit the gym a minimum of 6 days a week to get strong enough to carry his team in Rainbow Six Siege. He also loves Chipotle, rock climbing, and reworking wires to watch them make sparks.

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