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Operation Shifting Tides was revealed on November 6, 2019, on Ubisoft’s official twitter page. The short graphic showed a helipad suspended over an ocean of crashing waves. However, not much was known about the new operation or who the new operators were. Shortly after the initial operation reveal Ubisoft released another teaser, this time, with the new operator’s gadgets.

Operator gadget teaser

Shifting Tide’s new attack operator Kali

In Kali’s sights

Kali is the head of a private Indian military company and is a two speed, two armor, attack operator. Her weapon of choice is a CSRX300 rifle with a variable zoom scope. Kali can choose between 5x zoom or 12x zoom. The 5x is better for closer encounters, but keep in mind it’s still not the weapon you should bring in cramped rooms. The longer 12x zoom should counter any pesky spawn peaks by any brave enough opponents.

The CSRX300 is extremely powerful and will down enemies in one shot below the head. The head, of course, is an instant kill. Kali’s rifle isn’t without disadvantages though. After every shot, a trail of smoke follows the bullet and can lead enemies to your exact location. After downing an opponent the downed enemy will spin and look in your direction after initially being downed. While your CSRX300 can shoot through multiple enemies and walls in one shot, reinforced walls still stop your bullets in their tracks.

The CSRX300 rifle

This is where Kali’s under-barrel gadget the LV Lance comes into play. Her explosive is launched at reinforced walls and can blow up on the other side. While enemies hardly take damage, it’s a great tool to destroy batteries, mute jammers, and evil-eye cameras without wasting other utility. If the occasion calls for closer encounters, Kali, has two sidearms in her arsenal. The P226 MK 25 pistol with 14 bullets in a magazine or the C75 auto for full-auto fire.

Meet Wamai, Shifting Tide’s new defender

Wamai with his magnet in tow

Shifting Tides introduces Wamai, a Kenyan operator working under the same military contractor as Kali. Kali brought him along to join Team Rainbow as a two speed, two armor, defender operator. While his weapon of choice is less flashy than kali’s, his gadget may make you question what you’re seeing. Wamai’s magnetic neutralizing electronic targeting system or magnet for ease is an attachable gadget used to stop other throwables.


Magnets can be attached almost anywhere and stick to most surfaces. Any grenades, flashbangs, or stun grenades that get thrown into the radius of the magnet are stopped in their tracks. After stopping the thrown projectile the magnet pulls it and resets the explosion time. So if you’re within a grenade or flash radius, it gives you time to move. Wamai slowly gets magnets on a cooldown much like lesion and doesn’t have a set amount.

Wamai’s primary weapons of choice are MP5K and the AUG A2. His favored pistols are the Keratos 357 and P12 sidearm. While his weapons are pretty normal it’s his magnets that make him a strong defending choice. Using his magnets correctly you can get enemy opponents to accidentally blow up each other or themselves. So remember if you throw a magnet close by it may attract unwanted company.

Full Shifting Tides operator reveal

Not only are we getting two new operators to play with, but we’re also getting a rework of Theme Park. Theme Park has been reworked and balanced for more competitive play. The most noteworthy changes include the train car area on the second floor being removed. The trains were replaced with smaller rooms for quick navigation and close-quarter fights. The haunted house area is now a vibrant throne room with bright colors and new angles. Some of the tougher windows to breach are getting some much-needed cover. For example, the second-floor arcade window now has a shelf blocking the view of the forward hall.

The front door of Theme Park, notorious for spawn peeking, has been completely blocked off. But, that doesn’t mean enemies won’t find another. Theme Park will be free for everyone when Shifting Tides releases. Kali and Wamai will be free for all year four season pass holders. Meanwhile, one week after the operation drops the new operators will be available for purchase with Renown or R6 Credits.

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