Shroud leaving Twitch for Mixer

Shroud leaves Twitch for Mixer

Shroud announced today, October 24, 2019, that he’s leaving Twitch in favor of Mixer. This is the second huge superstar that Twitch lost to the streaming competitor Mixer following Ninja’s departure back in August 2019.

Why is Shroud leaving Twitch?

Shroud’s twitch departure announcement comes as an absolutely Earth shattering shock. I don’t think that anyone ever expected him to leave given his monumental success on the Amazon-owned streaming platform. But one question truly remains: Why did he actually leave?

Ninja has gone on record stating that while there was some monetary incentive to his departing of Twitch, the biggest reason was that his brand was “too big for Twitch”. I’m not exactly sure if Shroud is feeling the same sentiment, but his brand has exploded over the last few years. He has many major sponsorships including a clothing deal with geek-apparel company J!nx and a coffee sponsorship with Madrina’s Cofee He also recently posted some pictures of himself visiting the Adidas plant, so could a shoe endorsement be in the works?

Shroud is leaving Twitch and so are his fans

With Shroud announcing his departure to Microsoft-owned Mixer, a lot of people will wonder if his long-established audience of fans and supporters will transition platforms with him. If Ninja’s success on Mixer is any indication, all signs would point to a resounding ‘yes’.

Twitch under fire

Twitch has been under a lot of scrutinies as of late with rampant bannings and poor PR. Recently, a streamer by the name of Alinity spit vodka into the mouth of her cat on stream. She also yeeted her cat into the void while playing Apex Legends. She was not banned for any of these actions.

Another streamer, Amouranth, is live on stream “accidentally” exposing her lower extremities on Twitch. It took twitch several days to decide for a punishment.



Another recent ban was slammed on Formal, a mega Call of Duty pro, when the offending ban offense wasn’t even committed by him.

Formal banned for a derogatory comment made by another random player in one of his matches.

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