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SwarmZ zombie samurai fight

Have you ever wanted to unleash pure havoc on the undead, but feel like other games don’t quite hit the mark? Fear not, loyal readers, for SwarmZ is here to satisfy all of your zombie mangling fantasies once and for all. We’ve got a ton of info for you below, so grab your shotguns, pack your antibiotics, and I’ll see you past the break.

What is SwarmZ?

SwarmZ is a humorous post-apocalyptic tactical sandbox developed by Mutiny Software based in Laval, France. Amazingly, the game is developed by one single person—Maximilien Gabillard. The labor of love is quite evident.

In SwarmZ, you’ll attempt to withstand over 100,000 onscreen zombies at once. Design your zombie-repelling fortress to the best of your ability and pray to all that is holy that you’ll make it past this never-ending horde.

Base-building mechanics seem to be fair and not overpowered. You’ll see from the screenshots that you have a pretty wide array of available configurations that you can set up. Defense weapons include machine guns, RPGs, and various melee weapons.

There’s also an included campaign mode, but if you’re itching to blow out some zombie brains, hop straight into the sandbox mode. Here, you’ll be able to let your zombie slaying imagination run wild.


  • Campaign
  • Sandbox
  • A bunch of silly units
  • Famous post-apocalyptic locations (inspired by the greatest zombie movies and TV shows of all time)
  • Cool weapons and simple-yet-wonderful graphics—no ray-tracing needed


Here are the screenshots for SwarmZ. Pay attention and see if you can count the total number of zombies on screenshot five. I tried, I failed.

  • SwarmZ battle overview
  • SwarmZ melle attack
  • Swarmz guitar zombie smash
  • SwarmZ zombie samurai fight
  • SwarmZ lots of zombies overview

SwarmZ launch trailer

All the zombies.

SwarmZ release date

The game releases on Steam on November 29, 2019. There’s also a beta currently available on if you’d like to get a preview.

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