The end of Fortnite as we know it?


Fortnite’s season 10 blackhole event was streamed live in front of approximately 5 million people on Twitch and YouTube. The event was so large it actually brought Twitch’s website down for a few minutes. Hundreds of streamers and players alike logged on to Fortnite and eagerly awaited the limited-time event. With rumors of a new map, or possibly a new game, expectations peaked to a feverish high.

Waving goodbye to Fortnite battle-bus
The battle-bus leaving for the last time?

Missiles and rifts, “Oh my!”

After watching the event myself and through other streamer’s perspectives, I can say without a doubt that the live events never disappoint. The timer counts to zero and the event starts. An ominous warning siren rings out and continues for a few seconds. A missile launches straight up from the middle of Dusty Depot and sails upwards. The missile smashes into a rift and disappears. More rifts seem to spawn from nothing, as missile after missile fly into different rifts. Finally, all the missiles fly into a massive rift by the meteor. Everything seems calm. The next thing I know, I’m flying into the air while the meteor and missiles re-appear in the sky.

Fortnite Missile launching
The missile launch is a go

Another first for Fortnite

I think to myself, “Wow, Epic’s going to destroy parts of the map again.” While I was right on the assumption, I was completely wrong about the severity of the destruction. The meteor plummets to the ground and smashes into a barrier. Just when I think the barrier’s going to hold, the meteor breaks through and explodes. After impacting the island, it implodes and turns into a black hole. All of the surrounding lights, cars, battle-bus, and eventually my character, are all swept into the black hole. The whole map is swallowed, and the last thing you see is a black screen with a swirling vortex in the middle.

The start of something new?

After staring at this blank screen for longer than I’d like to admit, I realized that was it and the event was over. All that was left was an exit button. After clicking the button I ended up on my home screen game closed. Fortnite was officially over. I then hopped on Twitter and checked out the official page, and sure enough, all of Fortnite’s posts were deleted and AVI turned black. This begs the question: Is Fortnite over or is it just beginning?

Coty Billy
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