The Outer Worlds: Obsidian’s interstellar adventure

A whole new world

Fans of Fallout 3 and New Vegas rejoice!

Fans of the Fallout series have been left angry, and ultimately disappointed with the last Fallout title. Obsidian Entertainment is hoping to change that with The Outer Worlds. Obsidian was a developer on Fallout 3 and New Vegas as well as multiple other titles. The space guns are coming out and a fantastical world has been created. But the only thing between us and fingers crossed, an extremely refreshing game, is the release date.

The Outer Worlds terrain
The Outer World’s beautiful scenery

A space junkies dream

Conspiracy theories, lost in space, and ominous terrain, Obsidian seems to be taking a page out of every space movie or game ever. Halycon is a space colony at the very edge of the galaxy, owned and operated by corporations. You can be the hero, the antagonist or a complete psycho on this space adventure. Discover the secrets of the corporation and figure out your past while traversing an alien landscape. Use abilities, weapons, and even people to progress. But remember when playing the bad guy, expect to be treated the same.

Mech suit in flight

Arsenal of weapons and abilities

You’ll wade through troublesome enemies and fearsome aliens alike while playing. With a host of abilities including slowing time, lower gravity, and straight drop kicking fools, gameplay can be very versatile. The weapons are unique, colorful and incredibly fun to maim with. However, if guns, rifles, or rocket launchers aren’t your thing don’t worry, electric knives and gravity hammers always keep things interesting.

The Outer World’s resolution and textures

4k textures and high definition resolution

The Outer Worlds will release October 25th on PC and consoles, for switch however a release date isn’t specified as of late. On PC the game will be available on the Epic Game Store and Microsoft store. It’ll be interesting to see how the graphics compare to Red Dead 2 which is coming to PC November 5th.

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