World War Z: New horde mode


World War Z is a best-selling book, movie and now, a popular video game. The gameplay is centered around 4-player co-op and has 6 classes to choose and level up. Each class has its own unique perks and playstyles similar to character-based shooters. The missions are intense and zombies are hyper-aggressive. They feel no pain or fear, so they can overwhelm uncoordinated players quickly. The behaviors and attacks from the zombie are just like in the movie and they’ll surge and claw over one another just to be the first to take a bite out of players.

A non-stop flow of zombies
An ominous onslaught of zombies

New horde mode

A lot of World War Z players have been asking for a true horde mode. Now if you’re wondering, “What’s the difference between horde mode and a regular mission?”, allow me to break it down. In the story you’ll be facing tons of zombies and while it seems non-stop you do have a certain goal in mind. However, in horde mode, it literally never ends until the zombies are gnawing on you like evil teething puppies. Don’t worry, if you manage your resources right and have some competent shooters your team can advance quite far. Just know it takes only one mistake to have a wave of chattering teeth overwhelm your defenses.

Explosive sends zombie flying
Too close for comfort

Defenses, defenses, defenses

In horde mode, your strongest ally isn’t necessarily your teammates. Being able to beef up a perimeter will give you what you need to succeed. The objective is to survive and from the use of mortars, machine guns, auto-turrets, and barb wire, you’d think it’d be a piece of cake. But, thousands of zombies in a swarm running at you might change your mind. Once they breach your barricades and get past mounted LMGs the only option is close quarter combat, and any Z player knows it only takes seconds to get overrun.

This is a game mode I think we all truly needed. It’s comforting to see a developer listen to player feedback. While my friends and I had some doubts about the game when it first came out content-wise, this has laid that to rest. While the season 2 date hasn’t been revealed yet, I can honestly say I’m excited to sink some hours, and bullets, into horde mode.

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