Xbox controller now sold at Apple’s website

A black Xbox wireless controller.
Image courtesy of Apple.

With the debut of iPhone 11, Apple has implemented Xbox and Playstation wireless controller support in iOS 13 and iPadOS. Now, we can purchase Xbox controllers directly from Apple via it’s website. Curiously missing, however, is Sony’s Playstation 4 controller. Perhaps it’ll be added in the very near future. However, if you need to get one today Apple’s website can now help you out.

Where to buy

Obviously, you don’t need to purchase one from Apple’s website in order for this to be compatible with your iPhone or iPad. An Xbox controller can be picked up at most electronics retailers and e-tailers. This is just their way of pushing these to consumers in hopes of more Apple Arcade adopters. Apple just released this industry-shifting mobile gaming platform to astounding success and praise.

The service runs just $4.99/mo. and is available on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV. With iCloud, you can start a game of Mini Motorways on your phone and then continue on the Apple TV, for instance. I’ve personally spent too many hours playing Mini Motorways, so much so that I wrote about it on Medium. All this to say, we can now have a better gaming experience on our mobile devices.

What should I play with my new controller?

While I personally prefer the setup and feel of a Playstation controller, it’s nice to see that the support has been included. Native controller support will give more precise control for games, especially platformers like the incredible Oceanhorn 2. I personally loved the first Oceanhorn and how it reminded me so much of a spiritual cousin to the Zelda series. The newest in the series, Oceanhorn 2, seem a lot like The Legend of Zelda – Breath of the Wild.

Games like PUBG, however, will ban players who use controllers while playing their battle royale game on mobile. This is causes one big concern for me — why not take advantage of the newly implemented technology?

Either way, if you’ve been looking for a high-quality controller for your Apple Arcade games, the Xbox controller is a great choice. If you’re like me and would rather have a Playstation controller, go buy one.

Estevan Zamora
An entrepreneur, photographer, and writer. He likes capturing beautiful images, scrubbing it up in various competitive FPS games, and browsing reddit like it's about to shut down.

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